Fuji X-T3 to Capture One tethered connection blocked by Active Bluetooth connection

July 23, 2020

My tethered session between Capture One (V20 Build 13.1.1) failed yesterday when the software could not connect to my Fujifilm X-T3. As a result I had to abandon tethered shooting and rely on the camera's rear view screen instead. Normally this is rock solid and far more robust than tethering to Lightroom, as I used to. 

Today after a bit of investigation I've identified that it was the active Bluetooth connection between my Android phone and the X-T3 that appeared to be holding down the connection. 

So, if you find that all of a sudden your Capture One Fuji camera session breaks navigate to 

Spanner->Connection Setting->Bluetooth SETTINGS

and turn off Bluetooth there. A side effect of this appears to be that the camera loses the Geo-location data from the phone.

I've not yet found any mention of this issue or a work around on the web, but I'll keep investigating.

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